Cooking's frickin' awesome, yo.

I've always enjoyed cooking and it makes me so unhappy when I hear that people don't do it, or think it's a chore.

Part of that is that most recipes aren't actually designed to be made. They're designed to look cool on the front of your cookbook, or to justify your own intelligence, or to draw people onto some overengineered website with like five pop-ups asking for permission to sell their data to a marketing firm.

And frankly, fuck that. You don't need a kitchen full of exotic ingredients or a refined and delicate sense of taste to turn ingredients into something delicious -- all you need is two pots and love.

The spirit of Neocities is all about making things that have substance and utility, so I'm using it to archive my favourite recipes. Here's what you can expect from the things here:

Oh yeah, watch out, cause If you know how to cook already you're gonna feel really fukken patronised by these recipes. I'm gonna explain every step like you're a complete dumbass who doesn't know the first thing about cooking, 'cause better to do that than make it inaccessible.

I'm gonna be fleshing out these as and when I write 'em, and then add pictures when I find the time to cook them.


Curry (everything here is V, Vg)

Vaguely Mexican I guess probably

Roast dinner

Other crap that doesn't fit anywhere else

Sweet stuff

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